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Help us provide each child who has experienced abuse or neglect a safe, secure and permanent placement where they can thrive.

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Our Mission

Advocate in the judicial system for the best interests of victims of abuse and neglect in foster care, giving the child a voice in court and moving the child to a safe and permanent home.

Learn How To Get Involved

The CASA solution begins with a single volunteer—a specially trained court-appointed special advocate or guardian —trained to know what is in a child’s best interest and how to get those interests met by the system. Can you “Speak Up for a Child?” We appreciate you taking the time to see how volunteering, donating, or even inviting your friends to a sponsored event can provide hope.


Your donation gives children who’ve been abused or neglected the powerful voice of a CASA volunteer in court, in school and across our community.


A CASA volunteer helps children who have experienced abuse or neglect acquire the services they need and achieve permanency in a safe home as quickly as possible.

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Get involved by attending an event, learn more about our organization and the cause.

About CASA of Camden County

CASA of Camden County is part of a national network of community-based, non-profit organizations that recruit, screen, train, and supervise volunteers to “Speak Up for a Child” removed from a home due to abuse or neglect.

CASA works one-on-one with a child who has experienced abuse or neglect, advocating for his or her best interests and working towards achieving permanency in a safe, nurturing home as soon as possible. Our vision is to have a safe and loving home for every child.
Watch as Dominique Easley Super Bowl Champion, discusses why he encourages advocacy for our children, especially male volunteers.

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