Amanda’s Story

CASA of Camden County Amanda's Story

Amanda, was placed into the child welfare system on February 22, 2015 at the age of sixteen, as a result of excessive corporal punishment at the hands of her father. She was initially placed in a children’s shelter and later moved to two non-relative resource homes. Upon placement, Amanda exhibited serious behavioral issues and also had mental health issues which affected her performance in school. Joyce, was assigned as a CASA to the case on March 13, 2015. Joyce, began to familiarize herself with the case right away, as this was her first case. At first all seemed to being going well, until Joyce, tried to get in contact with Amanda. After several attempts to contact Amanda, Joyce finally met up with her at school. It was at this first meeting, where Amanda informed Joyce, that she was not receiving proper supervision and or meals regular, at her current resource home. Joyce, immediately reported this incident and Amanda was subsequently transferred to a new foster home. 

Amanda faced several challenges throughout her time in the system. She had been placed in several foster homes, was not doing well in school and continually had fears about seeing her father. Throughout these challenges, Joyce remained a constant presence in Amanda’s life. She consistently visited Amanda, attend her IEP meetings at school, and made very meticulously informed recommendations to the judge. As a result, Joyce was instrumental in securing a laptop for Amanda, buses passes for transportation to work, and helped to facilitate her entry into an Independent living program. Joyce, was very persistent and consistently worked with Amanda’s DCPP worker, her educators and Law Guardian to make sure that she completed the proper paperwork and school requirements necessary for her future success.

The case was brought to a close on July 28, 2016. At the close of the case, Amanda had officially aged out of the system. Before this, she was able to transition into an Independent Living Facility and is currently pursuing a career in the culinary arts. Her CASA reported that she was doing well, had matured immensely and is looking forward to a bright future!